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The French Quarter in New Orleans

New Orleans was founded in 1718, at which time the city grew around a central square that many referred to as Vieux Carré (the Old Square). Today we know this historic district as the French Quarter. This incredible district is designated now as a National Historic Landmark; however, most people associate the French Quarter in New Orleans with much more than its historical roots. The present-day French Quarter has become a bucket list destination. It’s a place to laugh, drink, eat, play, listen to live music, and have the time of your life.

Premiere Attractions All Year Long at the French Quarter in Louisiana

Without a doubt, the French Quarter in New Orleans is hands down one of the most visited destinations throughout the world. Alive with rich culture and electrifying history, people come from all over the globe to immerse themselves in an artistic community that at most times seems to live and breathe on its own. Fueled with tantalizing culinary experiences and humming with kinetic musical chronicles, a task so simple as eating a meal or sitting down to people-watch can quickly become a life-changing event.

Bourbon Street runs 13 blocks down through the heart of the French Quarter in Louisiana. Simply strolling down the cobblestone streets at night, drinking in the old, colonial-style buildings lit up with cabarets, nightlife, and buzzing with people, is an experience in its own right. For a quieter experience, partake in NOLA’s world-famous beignets and a bold cup of coffee while perusing the antiquated town square during the daytime hours. Guided hop-on/hop-off bus tours are available for you to truly experience the entire city, allowing you to customize your experiences from museums, aquariums, palm readers, and so much more.

The Main Event: Mardi Gras

The French Quarter will indisputably always be buzzing with activity at any given time, on any given day, on any given month of the year. However, there is one season where the French Quarter is THE hot spot, and that is the season of Mardi Gras. A French term meaning “Fat Tuesday,” Mardi Gras is the practice of participating in a rich, full lifestyle the last night before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season begins 40 days before Easter. The French Quarter, however, does not limit this celebration to one night. Parades, festivals, and celebrations begin as early as January and continue well into March. Rich foods, decadent drinks, fanciful costumes, and bead necklaces to reward tantalizing tricks have all become annual traditions of this festive celebration.

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