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Confederacy of Cruisers

When it comes to exploring New Orleans, there is sure to be plenty for you to explore. This historic city is full of important buildings and wonderful venues to see. New Orleans stretches over plenty of ground, making it difficult to explore everything by foot. If you want to see more of the city during your limited time in town, make sure you contact Confederacy of Cruisers. This local tour company lets you explore all of New Orleans from the comfort of a fat-tire cruiser. These cruisers are comfortable to sit on and will make it easy to see the sights of New Orleans with ease.

Creole New Orleans Bike Tour

Explore the real heart of New Orleans—the beautiful homes in the city. Each property is an architectural wonder that is magnificent to see in person. You will feel like a local as you bike down the street with your tour guide. This tour is a great option for those looking into the Creole history in New Orleans. The tour will start in the French Quarter just off the river before you explore suburbs that originated in the early 19th century.

Cocktails in New Orleans Bike Tour

If you like to bike and drink, make sure you check out the Cocktails in New Orleans Bike Tour. This tour option lets you visit the many historic bars in town where you can enjoy handmade cocktails. Most of the bars on the agenda date back over a hundred years when the French Quarter was known for revelry. The drinks and the tales from the bars are something you cannot beat in New Orleans.

Schedule Your Tour of New Orleans

You can book your private tour with Confederacy of Cruisers by contacting them directly. Book your tour today by emailing infor@confederacyofcruisers.com or by calling 504-400-5468. Make sure to leave a message if you call the number, as they are often on the streets exploring New Orleans with those who book a tour. Make sure to include which date you are looking to book with your reservation.

Start Planning for Your Stay in New Orleans

Get ready for your trip to the past by reserving your vacation rental in New Orleans. Our vacation rentals can be found all over the city and keep you close to the action. Call today and see which rentals are available today. If you’re planning on a vacation to New Orleans with a lot of people, click here and browse through our beautiful vacation rentals for large groups!