With the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 to our lives and the worldwide coronavirus lockdowns, we’ve all experienced cabin fever at some point in this quarantine. So it’s not surprising that people are excited to travel soon, though we all know the experience will be different once the world reopens. We can be sure that we will travel again, when this happens you will choose a new destination to visit.  If you want to experience a fantastic destination, give New Orleans a chance to be the city that changes your life forever.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a captivating destination that calls to travelers that possess a variety of interests and passions. While this Mississippi city is perfect for families and couples, it’s also a great place to set your sights when you’re looking for a solo trip to New Orleans. So before making your itinerary that helps you make the most of your solo experience in The Big Easy, make sure to check these New Orleans activities you’ll definitely want to add to the list.

Book a Jazz Cruise on the Steamboat Natchez

One of the best experiences a visitor to New Orleans can have is time spent on the water savoring the iconic sounds of jazz that have long defined the city. When you’re looking to enjoy the best of both as a solo traveler, book a beautiful jazz cruise on the Steamboat Natchez while you’re in town. Brunch, lunch, and dinner cruising options are available with most cruises lasting two hours and providing ample time for sightseeing along the river as the music rolls through the air. Cruises on this steamboat depart from 400 Toulouse Street and offer up a savory, scenic and safe way to enjoy the city as a solo traveler.

Enjoy a Food Tour

Even solo travelers don’t always like to dine alone, so when you’re looking to enjoy a neighborhood tour that’s combined with a food experience alongside others, book a spot with Tastebud Tours while you’re in town. These tours are marketed as educational experiences for the taste buds that are sure to inspire. As you make your way through iconic destinations such as the French Quarter, you’ll be indulging in a history lesson while making stops at fix to six different locales to indulge in mini-meals. Come excited for the adventure and plan on leaving with a full stomach and possibly, some new travel friends too.

Gators & Ghosts

New Orleans is a city of intrigue that often beckons travelers with an interest in the paranormal. When you’re traveling this way solo and interested in a ghost tour, but prefer to enjoy it in good company, booking a Gators & Ghosts tour is ideal. This company offers up options to take part in a night ghost tour through the French Quarter that can focus on everything from vampires to the unexplained. Guests will follow alongside a guide who will provide a narrative covering the many legends and paranormal activities that the city has experienced through the decades. Tours begin at $20 per person and last approximately 1.5 hours.

History, music, and fantastic food mixed with Southern hospitality will make this trip a one to remember for a lifetime. The magic of NOLA is an experience that no one should miss, don’t be intimidated try traveling alone, bring your face mask and hand sanitizer. You will be amazed at how incredible your adventure will be here.

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