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Marigny Triangle – Frenchman Street

Do you want in on a little NOLA-insider secret? First, answer us this: Have you ever stood in a place and wondered what it was like before it became overly populated? Maybe you’ve stood on the coast of California and wondered what those gold hills looked like before they were covered in houses or sat on the edge of a riverbed and pondered what it could be without the dam controlling its water flow. Perhaps you’ve laughed your way through the French Quarter but asked yourself, “What was this like before tourist-driven commercialism found its way into all the shops?” We can’t help you with the first two, but we know a New Orleans spot that’s authenticity and charismatic atmosphere will have you appreciating everything genuine about this historic city.

Original, Genuine, and Oh So Fun

The Marigny Triangle is arguably the most walkable neighborhood of the city. It’s a small, compact gem full of historic hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and music venues that blessedly survived Hurricane Katrina due to its high ground location. If it’s a bona fide historically led adventure you seek, look no further.

Known for its beatnik vibrations and notable Creole-style cottages, this district attracts artists and musicians alike. The heart of this hot spot is the Washington Square Park, a perfect place to sit, people watch, and listen. Oh, if these trees could talk… This park is also conveniently the intersection of all the happening streets, including Frenchmen Street, Royal Street, Dauphine Street, and Elysian Fields Avenue. If it’s nightlife you seek, head to Frenchman Street to wander through the elaborate costumes and street performers as you make your way to some the locals favorite clubs. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might even be lucky enough to catch the mule-led floats in the Krewe du Vieux, a 19th-century inspired satirical parade.

Navigate This Hip District Like a Local & Enjoy the New Orleans Sightseeing

Named the Marigny Triangle for its funny shape navigated by the bend in the Mississippi River, locals have been known to divide this funky district into two parts, or should we say shapes? The TRIANGLE begins where Esplanade Avenue adjoins the French Quarter and extends all the way to Elysian Fields Avenue. The RECTANGLE begins at Elysian Fields and extends to the railroad tracks on Press Street.

Now that you know where you want to go, how do you get there? Easy. From the French Quarter, simply walk down river on Royal or Dauphine. Insider tip: Bourbon St. does not connect to Frenchman and attempting this is a surefire way to get lost and compromise your identity as a tourist when you have to ask for directions. The triangle is also easily accessible by car, city bus, or taxi. It is one of the most prominent things to see during your New Orleans sightseeing tour!

Choose My Southern Comfort

We’re here to make your visit as pleasurable as possible. If you’re looking for more insider tips on how to enjoy the Marigny Triangle or any other area of New Orleans, don’t hesitate to ask one of our many knowledgeable staff members. Contact us today and browse through our beautiful 2-bedroom vacation rentals. Also, be sure to browse through our amazing ADA Compliance vacation rentals today! Also, be sure to check out our amazing villa rentals.