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Compere Lapin

When vacationing to New Orleans, you better prepare for some of the best food you have ever experienced. Many local restaurants understand the importance of a delicious meal, and some even pull their culinary influences from France and other exotic countries. Compere Lapin is one such place, crafting unbelievable dishes with a French, Caribbean, and Creole influence. Take a look at what to expect with a meal at Compere Lapin:

More Than a Trend

Most restaurant-goers nowadays are all about the latest fads and trends; you cannot go anywhere without someone tagging their meal on social media. Compere Lapin does not take trends and shock value into account when coming up with delicious entrees. Instead, they focus on cherishing the moment and the memories you create when having a meal with loved ones. Romanticize your meal with the delicious food found only at Compere Lapin.

Various Menus for the Occasion

There is a menu for everything at Compere Lapin. Starting with lunch, you can select from a variety of incredible starters like marinated shrimp and the Chef’s Selection of cheese. The pumpkin agnolotti and fried oyster sandwich are certain winners for the entrees. The menu only expands even further when you dine in for dinner. While there are fewer starters, you can choose from additional entrees such as the cold smoked tuna tartare, jerk chicken, scialatielli, and curried goat and sweet potato gnocchi. As if you need a reason to brunch, you can do so at Compere Lapin. Expect to find the same delicious food with a morning twist.

The Drinks

Expect to find a healthy selection of French, Italian, and German wines available by the glass and bottle at Compere Lapin in addition to spirits. Amari, herbal, and absinthe will create a unique flavor for authentic European and Caribbean drinks.

Finding Compere Lapin

You can find Compere Lapin in New Orleans at 535 Tchoupitoulas. Call ahead for reservations by dialing 504-599-2119 or by writing to hello@comperelapin.com. The restaurant is available for brunch on Saturdays and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Lunch is available Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Dinner is available from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM Sunday through Saturday.

More to Eat in New Orleans

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